How To Submit

We are primarily looking for weird, unusual, and

experimental works cerebral in nature, but are open to all submissions. This is a polite way of saying we don't want any more torture porn (unless it's really, really smart and full of subtext).


Both the journal and the podcast are open for reader submissions. We want to develop a network of talented, imaginative, interesting authors, and this is the best way to do that. As writers ourselves, we are more  than aware of the difficulty in those first steps toward artistic experience. We are all about nurturing talent.


In the future we would like to be able to pay for selected submissions, but for the time being this is a zero-budget project. With hard work, perseverence, and the assumption the world isn't over just yet, this will change in the near future.


If you are still interested, please click the appropriate box over there to email us your work. Below you will find the guidelines.


Note: If for some reason the links below the photo to the right aren't working, please use Anything sent to the wrong address will be deleted.

General Guidelines:

  • Flash fiction and poetry: ~1000 word max
  • Fiction and Essays:  <5000 words (Anything longer was sought out)
  • One submission at a time
  • No erotica, no excessive gore, no vanilla literature
  • Please indicate if your work would require a content warning
  • Please include your social media and a small bio
  • Simultaneous Submissions are great
  • 12 point font, double spaced, you know, the usual
  • Let us know if your submission has appeared elsewhere
  • Please ensure you email the right address with SUBMISSION in the subject field



The guts of the project. We will consider anything the delves beyond the surface, makes us think, or is just plain fun to read. If you can unsettle us, keep us awake, or make us think of the story again a week after reading it, all the better. The only limits are your imagination here.


Please ensure your submissions are properly formatted before sending them. If you could also include your information, the story's title, and anything else you feel pertinent in the body of the email that would be fantastic.


I've personally seen enough poetry




Which is to say we're not interested in certain kinds of poetry. Anything that could be considered haunting (in any sense of the word) will get a look. Again, experimentation is key here.


As with fiction, please ensure correct formatting with your files. And if you could also send these emails as either SUBMISSION: POETRY or SUBMISSION: FLASH that would help a lot. Thank you.



Uncanny, dreamlike, cerebral, captivating. Pick a work. We're looking for work that will make the reader do a double take. From abandoned diners to demonic rat babies, if you have anything you'd like considered for the magazine, please feel free to either email a copy or link to it. We are looking not only for cover art but for various oddities to include inside the magazine.


Probably a non-starter, in all honesty. But if you have any short essays on the weirder aspects of life, meditations on the end of the world, or just want to share an unusual true story, this is where to send it.


As with essays, no holding out too much hope for this section. But if you'd like to write for a blog I've already half forgotten about as a guest, then feel free to send to this email. Thoughts about your writing process or similar entries would be especially welcome.


If you have any short stories, monologues, dialogues, or intimate one act plays you feel would serve a podcast better than that printed word, this is where to send those goodies. Remember that the  podcast aims to sound like the late night radio of old, the sort you'd hear on long distant drives or during a frantic night terror.  Short, interesting, not dependent on a foley room, please.


We're also always on the look out for independent music and voice talent, so if you happen to know of anyone doing either, you can also email us about that.

Note on Diversity:

We welcome everyone to submit their stories to these projects. All are welcome.


That said, we recognise that some groups of people can find it difficult to appear visible in these sort of areas of work, so we would like to actively encourage you to consider submitting your material. Or, failing that, let your cousin know if you think its more up to their speed. Unlike a lot of media out there, we acknowledge the existence of a class structure, and so people from working class backgrounds are just as important to represent in this work. Furthermore, we are against the habit of pigeonholing minority groups, so don't think you have to be "X writing about being X" to get noticed. You could just have a really cool UFO story and happen to be [insert group here].


All this in mind, this project was created by outcasts and outsiders with our own kind in mind and "our kind" transcends race, religion, or geographical location. If you have the slightest inclination to submit some work, please do so. You may not get selected the first time around, but ever action sets off a sequence of events, and, I don't know, maybe this will spur you on to writing a beautiful trilogy of novels about Tulpas finding love or something.


Nothing but love and respect for all who made it this far. We're very much looking forward to seeing your work (and being in a position this time next year to offer huge cash payouts).