Caller, you are on the air.

Call Captain Hank at ‪(818) 806-8660 and leave a message. Alternatively send him a message:

If you have a story, or you are an independent band with a song you'd like us to consider, email:

Tucked away just North of Eldritch Lake lies the sleeping town of Icarus. A former vacation paradise, their boom period has long since faded. Gone are the tourists, the fairground and boardwalk now closed pending investigation. Still there, though, are the ten thousand of so hard working men and women of the area. And what gets them through the dark nights, when it seems the earth itself wants to devour them? Why, they switch to WMDK 5032 AM radio and catch up with their friends, of course!


Join Captain Hank on his late night show. Part AM radio part fever dream, this show fuses music, stories, and call ins to soothe the listeners and put them to sleep. Inspired by late night cross country drives in a car with no CD player, we want to encapsulate that feeling of being not quite ready for bed.



And you can take part! Here's how:

Call Captain Hank

Captain Hank gets lonely up there in that radio station late at night, so why not call into the show, or write him a letter? If you're really slick you might even be able to act out one side of a conversation and Captain Hank will answer the rest.

Submit a story, short play, or monologue

Half of the material in the hour will be written works from the team and from strangers. If you would like some of your work to be featured, feel free to send it along. There's a bit more freedom in the spoken word, so perhaps this is something to consider.

Share some music

One thing that really helps the theme of this show is music. If you're a musician who isn't managed by a major label, an indie label who wants to help out, or a fan of a local band you'd like to see get more exposure, let us know. Links to the right.

1. By calling or submitting work you consent to having your material used on the podcast.


2. There are no guarantees that your work will be used. We will strive to contact everyone involved, but if you hear nothing within two months it is best to assume we have not been able to use your material.


3. The goal of this podcast is to be a sleepy, latenight listen with some surreal elements. Please consider your submissions carefully. If they don't match the theme they can't be used.


4. You are liable for any copywrite violating submissions you send. We don't want to have to deal with UMG and will point them in your direction.


5. You retain all rights to your work.


6. If selected, you will be included in the text accompanying your episode and mentioned in any social media pertaining to it. However, to keep the feeling of a genuine radio station going, we will not credit any non-musician creators in the podcast itself.



That should cover it. If you do submit any material, please be sure to include any @s or websites you'd like referenced when we promote the episode.